TRG Media was established in 2017 to specialize in creating content and experiences for high-level audiences using new media and live events as the catalyst. Producing weekly podcasts, a regular slate of events and custom solutions for clients, TRG convenes experts in domestic and foreign policy issues, economics, national security, technology, security, legal authority, and healthcare policy.

We draw upon an unparalleled network of experts worldwide with a history of pioneering new approaches to research, support strategic planning and build affinity groups that ensure long term benefits for all the participants and for those leading and underwriting our ventures.

Who We Reach

The TRG audience is cerebral and affluent, and they are deeply engaged with our content.  95% are college graduates and 52% have completed graduate school.  70% earn HHI of $100,000 and more, and 20% earn $200,000 and higher.  We attract an influential thought leadership audience that is evenly split male (52%) and female (48%).  Our podcast audience is loyal; 96% listen to the entire episode and 92% listen to every show each week.


Bernard Schwartz
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David Rothkopf
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Christopher Cotnoir
President, TRG Interactive Media and EVP, TRG
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Michael Krebs
Vice President, Business Development
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Grant Haver
Podcast Producer and Content Development Coordinator
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Katherine Hill
Sales, Membership and Marketing Consultant
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