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TRG Advisory provides consulting services to the private and public sectors.  We specialize in convening and serving communities of leaders as they plan for disruptive changes in their industries and regions.  Our special focus is on drivers of change that also advance the public good including science, technology, clean energy, culture, the arts, women’s empowerment and education.  TRG draws upon  our own background in these areas as well as an unparalleled group of experts worldwide to help serve clients through research, new media innovations, live events and other approaches.

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TRG pioneers new approaches to tackle global challenges through research, media innovations and interactive methods.

Navigating the confluent waters of markets, technology and foreign policy, TRG Advisory offers multinational and institutional clients insight on the trends shaping their industry by anticipating new risks and seizing emerging opportunities with an approach that balances due diligence with the resourcefulness of worldwide expertise and experience.

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