Our Services

We are a P2B media provider. We connect the world of policy and politics to the world of business and other professionals who depend on the insights we provide to do their jobs better, to profit and to lead.

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In Washington, DC and capitals around the world, success turns on what you know and who you know. This is an important part of what sets TRG Media apart. We provide unique expert perspectives to carefully curated audiences. As producers of interactive new media programming, we recognize that an important part of our value-added lies in bringing together audiences and speakers in combinations you won’t find anywhere else. But we don’t stop there. We work to ensure the exchanges that take place elevate the discussions to the level of actionable intelligence, insights that can be translated into professional returns.

Expert Insight

Corporate/Institutional Membership

We offer group membership to corporations, non-profits, government agencies and universities. Membership includes exclusive, weekly podcasts and email briefings for up to 25 individuals at your domain. Members are additionally invited to high-level virtual events on policy developments impacting specific sectors and global themes. Professional membership includes one session annually with a relevant policy expert from our expert network, virtually or onsite. Content will be developed for CFA CE, CLE and other professional continuing education requirements. Membership is subscription based, paid annually. Payment is soft dollar eligible under current CFA standards.

Expert Network

TRG’s EN model follows the traditional method of providing live access to a top-tier policy or subject matter expert, tailored to your organization’s areas of specific interest. Sessions are soft-dollar eligible. Mutual NDAs will keep your best plans and ideas out of competitor and public hands and keep our network exclusive.


Beltway Black Box Series

TRG hosts an invitation-only, online forum featuring Beltway insiders and renowned experts in a panel discussion, moderated Q&A and actionable conclusion format. The series aims to inform and advise our corporate and institutional audience on policy developments with the greatest impact to their bottom line. Upcoming events include: public and private sector implementation of “zero trust” architecture; big tech vs. antitrust and digital privacy regulations; soft and hard security measures around the global pursuit of HCs in the Arctic.

Custom Programming and Brand Amplifications

One of our most noteworthy solutions is custom programming. Drawing on our expertise across sectors and disciplines, we can deliver on any assigned custom content project with an authority that is unmatched in the market. Target audiences include policy makers, private sector decision makers and their clients and educational institutions. Clients have included government agencies and public interest organizations.
TRG develops custom podcasts, virtual and live events. We amplify these executions through our podcasts, our podcast network, our media partnerships and our social media extensions. Amplification is a cornerstone strategy across any custom content solution, and we employ amplification strategies that are highly targeted to the objectives of our clients.
TRG Media provides professional-grade podcasts, virtual events and interactive live forums. We are not for the general public. We are for policy makers, policy influencers and those who must understand the policy and political processes to succeed. We use new media to create connections that never existed before and insights that are available nowhere else.