On Demand.

To many, the world of how government policy is made and implemented is a black box. The intersection between public policy and every aspect of our lives is vast. The consequences of policy decisions for businesses, individuals and other nations worldwide are enormous. Anticipating change can make the difference between success or failure. Yet misunderstandings and lack of critical information delivered on a timely basis are the norm rather than the exception.
Compounding the challenge for many is that the drama and intrigue of politics enshrouds the black box in a fog. It obscures and distracts as much as it influences and shapes outcomes. Many media outlets only contribute to the confusion xwith coverage that focuses more on heat than light and that reduces complex questions into spin-laden soundbites.

TRG was established to cut through the fog, the click bait, and made for television cage matches that dominate much of the coverage of politics and policy. Instead, for audiences and clients worldwide, we provide real understanding into what is driving political change and offer expert insight into both how government decisions are made and what is coming next.

Through a growing array of podcasts, interactive virtual forums, live events and bespoke expert-on-demand programming, TRG has developed a reputation for excellence, uncompromising intellectual rigor and innovation that has distinguished us from other media and advisory organizations and established us a unique and valued resource for all we serve.

Relationships Matter
Through new media, live events and on-demand services,
TRG offers perspectives from some of the best known, most respected current and former policymakers, political leaders, journalists,
business leaders, scientists, technology trailblazers, authors and academic experts available anywhere.