TRG Events

Specialization in Convening

TRG principals have produced hundreds of high level live and virtual events on six continents. These have ranged from intimate, invitation only, off-the-record dinner discussions to major week-long summits attended by hundreds of leaders and experts from government, business, the arts and academia. In every case, they have incorporated they same qualities and values as other TRG programming—high level, exclusive, expert content driven, interactive, innovative and only in areas in which the TRG principals have backgrounds and established capabilities.

TRG events have included:

Virtual Events

Bespoke Live and Virtual Events

TRG Media has created a range of events from private lunch or dinner programs to highly exclusive, very high-level virtual programs. They are forums that provide unique access to the top minds and most renowned policy influencers in capitals around the world. For more information about Bespoke Live and Virtual Events, speak to your TRG representative.

Ask the Expert Series

Washington Today Forum (WTF)

In 2022, TRG will launch the inaugural Washington Today Forum. It will be presented in conjunction with the members of the DSR Network, thus tapping into the audiences of some of the country’s most respected political and policy podcasts by projecting the live contents of the event to the entire universe of network listeners. Network podcast hosts will chair the panel discussions and each panel will itself be a self-contained podcast. Highlight podcasts from the forum will be broadcast to the entire network in the weeks following the event and then be available online indefinitely. The result will be a high-impact live program that will be far from a one-off, living on indefinitely afterwards online in video and audio form.

In-Person Events

Culture Summit

The TRG principals helped create CultureSummit, an annual gathering of world leaders from the policy and arts communities that takes place in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. The 2018 event was attended by over 400 world leaders, including ministerial level participants, leading artists, arts management experts, philanthropists, media and business leaders. It included three full days of programming, performances, and social gatherings. Although TRG is no longer affiliated with Culture Summit, the event has continued, recently during the COVID pandemic on a virtual basis, underscoring the merits of the idea which TRG principals helped to create.

Get to Know Us

Specialization in Convening

TRG is highly-specialized in delivering access to expertise to help solve the pressing challenges in your business. We accomplish this through live and virtual events, our owned-and-operated podcasts, and our podcast network.

Virtual Events

Virtual and In-Person Events

Strategic Dinner Series featuring government officials and influencers for off-the- record discussions

Ask the Expert Series

In-Person Events

Executed Gobal Culture Summit Event in Abu Dhabi featuring artists, musicians, policy makers and more

As the leading high-level cultural leadership and cultural diplomacy forum in the world, CultureSummit 2018 was attended by approximately 600 participants from more than 90 countries focused on developing unique, practical ways to utilize culture as a driver of global positive social change. Entitled “Unexpected Collaborations,” the 2018 event brought together groups from opposite sides of the globe and diverse disciplines to create new initiatives in arts education and identify ways in which culture can help combat extremism, empower women, improve the environment and preserve heritage. CultureSummit participants enjoyed over 20 live performances and attended special programming at the newly opened Louvre Abu Dhabi. CultureSummit 2018 took place April 8-12, 2018 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Brand Amplification

TRG develops custom events, podcasts, video executions, custom research and publishing, infographics and digital vignettes – and we amplify these executions through our podcasts, our podcast network, our media partnerships and via our social media extensions. Amplification is a cornerstone strategy across any custom content solution, and we employ amplification strategies that are highly targeted to the objectives of our clients.


Custom Content and Programming

Our core offering is in delivering expertise with an eye on solving the business and policy challenges our clients and prospects face, and this offering extends seamlessly into our custom portfolio. At the heart of any custom solution is listening to the objectives expressed by the client – and developing a relevant blueprint and execution plan from that core knowledge.

TRG produces custom podcasts in series formats, long and short form video programs, custom events across the gamut of small / medium / large deliverables (virtual institutes, intimate dinners, roundtables, panel formats, on-location expertise, marquee tentpole events, virtual executions), custom research and publishing services.


Custom Research

One of the more unique solutions TRG provides is in custom research and publishing. Drawing on our expertise across sectors and disciplines, we are able to deliver on any assigned custom research project with an authority that is unmatched in the market.


And More...

One of the more unique solutions TRG provides is in custom research and publishing. Drawing on our expertise across sectors and disciplines, we are able to deliver on any assigned custom research project with an authority that is unmatched in the market.